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Wholesale of all tufting equipment and embroidery items.

  • Are you interested in a larger quantity of goods than usual?
  • Whether it's tufting guns, carpet trimmers, or our fabrics, we can cover B2B trade and meet your needs.
  • Special offer available from 2 or more pieces!


Droppshipping of tufting and embroidery items.

We are pleased to present our offer of professional droppshipping of tufting and embroidery items. With our extensive experience in the field and proven practices, we have become a trusted partner for the largest Hungarian tufting e-shop, and we would be happy to provide you with similar quality services.

Our advanced invoicing systems and fast order processing are capable of meeting the needs of any state in Europe and beyond. Thanks to them, your customers can rest assured that they can have their goods as early as the next day, and our services are aimed at maximum customer satisfaction. We also offer comprehensive customer care, actively participating in resolving any issues they may encounter.

Our service also includes the option of customizing shipments according to your requirements. This means that your brand or company name can be included on the shipping label, and we can add marketing materials provided by you to each shipment.

With us, you'll feel like the whole process is as if you were sending the shipment yourself, but with minimal effort, without the need for warehousing goods, and other concerns.

Let us be your link between your company and your customers, and together we will ensure smooth and efficient delivery of tufting and embroidery items.

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