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Favourite products
Tufting kit daniel

Our tufting starter kit is the perfect choice for those looking to step into the world of carpet tufting and embark on their own tufting journey without unnecessary hassles and...

Code: 75
tufting gun 2 1 (1)

The Tufting Gun-2 in 1 Cut and Loop (AK-1) is a versatile tool for creating high-quality carpets and rugs due to its DUO function. With its unique cutting and looping feature,...

Code: 46
AK V tufting gun

The latest in tufting technology, the AK-V Tufting Gun combines ergonomic design with cutting-edge features. With a comfortable grip, brushless motor, and advanced braking...

Code: 149
rug trimmer (1)

The rug trimmer is a specialized tool designed to make cutting and trimming rugs easier and more precise. With its sharp cutting blades and ergonomic design, it is perfect for...

Code: 49
Rug shearing machine (1)

Enhance your rug designing process with our sheep rug shearing machine and its guide. Its powerful motor effortlessly cuts through dense yarns, while adjustable blade height...

Code: 182
flat carpet trimmer

Introducing the new Portable Flat Shearing Machine for rugs - a game-changer for rug finishing. Flat rug shearing machine is for those tufters, that are taking tufting gun...

Code: 161
Tufting yarn 100 g Bright red (932)

Tufting yarn 100 g - Bright Red (932) stands out for its softness and gentleness. Perfect for making tufted rugs and bulkier knits such as sweaters, scarves, or hats.

Code: 170
Yarn winder
Yarn winder
In stock

Upgrade your tufting setup with our Yarn Winder - the essential tool for every serious tufter. This tool is designed to spin new balls of yarn! Whether you're working with thin...

Code: 117

One of the essential tufting equipment are 10" black tailoring scissors. Precision, quality, and durability in one sleek design. If you are going to cut the cloth, and you will!...

Code: 81
Antislip backing for tufted rugs

Check out our new Anti-Slip Backing Cloth! No latex or glue strikethrough, 100% polyester, provides rug strength and stability, enhances comfort, gives a sophisticated look, and...

Code: 99
PhotoRoom 20230811 132623

The Must-Have Cloth for Every Tufter. Our Primary Tufting Cloth offers a robust base layer that allows for easy attachment of tufting yarn, while providing forgiveness against...

Code: 70
grey polyester tufting canvas

Check out our Grey Polyester Tufting Cloth with size of 2x2 meters. Crafted from high-quality polyester, this durable fabric provides a solid base for your tufted rugs. With...

Code: 132
Eurol oil 100 ml

Eurol® Oil 100 ml - premium lubricant for tufting guns and equipment. Provides superior lubrication without staining or odor, ensuring your rugs stay clean. Acid-free paraffinic...

Code: 155
carpet grippers

Enhance your tufting experience with our Nailed Carpet Grippers for Tufting Frames. Sold in sets of 5 pieces, each measuring 30cm (1,5 m total per piece), these grippers are...

Code: 96
PhotoRoom 20230811 132225

The Must-Have Cloth for Every Tufter. Our Primary Tufting Cloth offers a robust base layer that allows for easy attachment of tufting yarn, while providing forgiveness against...

Code: 56

Original tufting guns, tufting tips, everything about tufting!

Welcome to our Tufting Shop, your one-stop destination for all things tufting! Whether you're a seasoned rug maker or just getting started, we've got everything you need to create beautiful tufted rugs and wall hangings.

One of the key tools for tufting is the tufting gun, which allows you to easily and quickly create loops of yarn or other materials on a backing fabric. After a long time of looking for the best, most reliable tufting gun we believe, that we found just the one! We also have a manual tufting tool!                                                                                 
Looking for fabrics for tufting? You don't have to look anymore! At tufty.eu you will find an excellent cloth called monks cloth, with which your carpet will be of the highest quality!

You have already created your lovely rug and now you want to polish it? Look no more, we got you covered in a category called rug finishing. There you can find our ultimate rug finishing and detailing tool rug trimmer.

In addition to tufting guns, we also offer a wide selection of tufting tips and accessories to help you achieve your desired results. Just go through all our categories and see for yourself!

If you're new to tufting, we are also offering free tips for anything you would want to know or help with. Simply click on contacts and write your message. We are giving free tips and answering every message, so don't be shy!

At our Tufting Shop, we're passionate about helping our customers unleash their creativity and bring their vision to life. So why wait? Explore our selection of tufting guns and accessories today and start creating something truly unique!

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