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Delivery time

Check out delivery times of our partnered currier companies so you can choose the best option that fits you.



For our valued international customers, we offer efficient and reliable shipping services through Packeta. With Packeta, you can expect timely delivery of your orders to your doorstep. Our dedicated team ensures that your packages are dispatched promptly to minimize transit times.

Additionally, we have created a user-friendly map that provides an overview of delivery speeds to different regions. This map allows you to easily determine when your shipment is estimated to arrive at your location. We understand the importance of transparency and convenience in international shipping, and our map serves as a helpful tool to keep you informed every step of the way.



Our other valued partner is DHL and PPL currier company which also provide efficient international shipping via their services. Track your package's delivery time with our convenient map.


How can you track your parcels?

For your convenience, we provide a tracking number via email with every order, whether shipped through DHL, PPL, or Packet. This allows you to easily monitor the status and whereabouts of your package throughout its journey to your doorstep.

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