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Tufting accessories

Discover the tools and essentials you need for your tufting projects. From electric scissors to high-quality tailoring scissors, or just glue guns, our tufting accessories collection has you covered. Elevate your craftsmanship with our range of specialized equipment.


Mini projector

Mini projector - an ideal tool for tufting. It projects an image onto a canvas, allowing you to easily trace the outline of the projected item. Based on this outline, you...

Code: 123
Electric scissors

We introduce you our new Tungsten steel electric scissors for cutting fabric, carpets or even a leather. Our electric scissors are rechargeable with built-in lithium battery.

Code: 87
Yarn winder
Yarn winder
In stock

Upgrade your tufting setup with our Yarn Winder - the essential tool for every serious tufter. This tool is designed to spin new balls of yarn! Whether you're working with thin...

Code: 117
Kopie návrhu Rug trimmer (28)

Elevate your tufting projects with our Duckbill Scissors. Designed for precision and comfort, these scissors feature a unique curved handle and sharp blades, ideal for trimming...

Code: 114

One of the essential tufting equipment are 10" black tailoring scissors. Precision, quality, and durability in one sleek design. If you are going to cut the cloth, and you will!...

Code: 81
hot glue gun

Elevate your tufting game with our high-quality hot glue gun. Fast heating and light indicator make it the ultimate tufting tool. Comes with 10 free glue gun sticks!

Code: 84
glue sticks

Get a set of 10 glue gun sticks designed to perfectly fit our glue gun. On average, 3/4 of each glue stick is used to create and finish a tufted rug.

Code: 90
Tufting fluff remover

Tired of the mess that comes with tufting cut-pile rugs? Our Tufting Fluff Remover is the solution you need. With its dual-edge design, this manual tool effortlessly removes...

Code: 120
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Rug tufting accessories for a flawless finish

Complete your tufting kit with our top products. Our versatile mini projectors are ideal for tracing complex designs onto canvas. They ensure accuracy and make every project easier. Whether you're cutting fabric, carpet, or leather, our rechargeable electric scissors with tungsten steel blades give you the power and precision you need for smooth, easy cuts.

Keep your yarn neat and ready to use with our yarn winders, perfect for easily spinning new balls. Our duck scissors offer precision and comfort with their unique curved handles and sharp blades. They are ideal for trimming and finishing. 

For perfect cuts, we offer 10-inch tailoring scissors that combine precision, quality, and durability. With these scissors for fabric and scissors for sewing, you can easily handle any fabric cutting task.

Improve your tufting projects with our reliable hot glue gun that heats up quickly and has a light indicator. Complete with perfectly fitting hot glue sticks. Our tufting adhesive is perfect for securing your designs, ensuring durability and quality. 

Keep your work area clean with our fluff remover, which easily removes all fluff residue from your cut carpets.

Our tufting gun accessories and tufting accessories are designed to enhance every aspect of your crafting process. With the right tufting rug supplies, your projects will achieve professional results.

Why choose our accessories?

  • Quality: All of our tools are made from premium materials to last as long as possible.
  • Efficiency: These products will make your work faster and easier.
  • Precision: With our tools, you will always achieve perfect results.
  • Organization: Our tools help you keep your workspace clean and organized.
  • Versatility: Our range of products covers all your tufting needs.

Enhance your tufting kit with these essential tools and enjoy a more efficient, organized, and accurate creating experience.

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