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Rug finishing

Rug finishing is an important step in the rug making process, as it determines the final look and quality of the rug. There are several tools that can be used to achieve a polished and professional finish, including rug trimmers, electric scissors, normal scissors, and a heat glue gun.


rug trimmer (1)

The rug trimmer is a specialized tool designed to make cutting and trimming rugs easier and more precise. With its sharp cutting blades and ergonomic design, it is perfect for...

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Electric scissors

We introduce you our new Tungsten steel electric scissors for cutting fabric, carpets or even a leather. Our electric scissors are rechargeable with built-in lithium battery.

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rug trimmer guide

Introducing our enhanced Rug Trimmer Guide Holder, an essential tool for achieving a flawlessly even and smooth surface when trimming your rugs. With its transparent acrylic...

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Kopie návrhu Rug trimmer (28)

Elevate your tufting projects with our Duckbill Scissors. Designed for precision and comfort, these scissors feature a unique curved handle and sharp blades, ideal for trimming...

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One of the essential tufting equipment are 10" black tailoring scissors. Precision, quality, and durability in one sleek design. If you are going to cut the cloth, and you will!...

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hot glue gun

Elevate your tufting game with our high-quality hot glue gun. Fast heating and light indicator make it the ultimate tufting tool. Comes with 10 free glue gun sticks!

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glue sticks

Get a set of 10 glue gun sticks designed to perfectly fit our glue gun. On average, 3/4 of each glue stick is used to create and finish a tufted rug.

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Tufting fluff remover

Tired of the mess that comes with tufting cut-pile rugs? Our Tufting Fluff Remover is the solution you need. With its dual-edge design, this manual tool effortlessly removes...

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Rug trimmers are a must-have tool for achieving clean and straight edges on your rug. They can be used to trim excess fibers or create unique shapes and patterns on the rug's edge. When selecting a rug trimmer, look for a model that is durable and specifically designed for rug making, with sharp and adjustable blades.

Electric scissors are another tool that can make rug finishing faster and easier, especially when cutting through thick or tough materials. They can save time and reduce hand fatigue, making them a popular choice for rug makers. Normal scissors are also essential tools for rug finishing.

A heat glue gun can also be a helpful tool for rug finishing. It is used especially for attaching loose fabric around the edge to the back side of the rug. The result is always a professional-looking rug product!

Overall, selecting the right tools for rug finishing is crucial for achieving a polished and professional look for your handmade rugs. By combining traditional rug finishing tools with modern technology, you can create unique and beautiful rugs that will last for years to come.

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