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Tufting starter kit

Our tufting starter kit is the perfect choice for those looking to step into the world of carpet tufting and embark on their own tufting journey without unnecessary hassles and expenses. This kit offers benefits that will be appreciated by both beginners and experienced tufters!

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Beginner Tufting Kit Contents: (Clicking on the orange name will take you to the specific product where you can read details about it)

Tufting Gun: Our tufting gun is the ultimate tool for your tufting projects. With "Cut" and "Loop" features, it allows you to create precise patterns tailored to your needs. Our tufting gun, also known as a tufting gun, is essential for every carpet maker looking to easily craft unique carpets!


Carpet Trimmer: Our carpet trimmer is designed for easy and precise carpet cutting, enabling you to achieve beautiful details. Its sharp blades and ergonomic design make every job easier.


Carpet Trimmer guide: This attachment is the perfect complement to the carpet trimmer, allowing for even greater precision in adjusting your carpets.


You'll also receive for free:

Jute: We include 2 square meters of jute in our package, traditional and durable material for tufting.


Monks cloth: You'll also receive 2 square meters of monks cloth, ideal for creating more detailed tufted rugs.


Threader Needle: The threader needle is an essential tool for tufting guns. Say goodbye to the difficulties of threading yarn into the small hole of your tufting gun.


Our tufting starter kit contains everything you need to begin tufting, including the tufting gun, carpet trimmer, and other accessories. Start your tufting journey today and create unique carpets and rugs with our powerful tools and materials.

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