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Eurol® Oil 100ml

Eurol® Oil 100 ml - premium lubricant for tufting guns and equipment. Provides superior lubrication without staining or odor, ensuring your rugs stay clean. Acid-free paraffinic oil formula protects and maintains all vulnerable parts of your tufting machine.

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 Eurol® Oil 100 ml is the superior choice for lubricating your tufting equipment. This high-quality oil offers exceptional lubrication for tufting guns, ensuring smooth operation without the worry of staining or unpleasant odors. Perfect for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your rugs, Eurol Oil stands out as a premium solution for your tufting maintenance needs.

Eurol Oil is an acid-free lubricant based on paraffinic oil, designed to lubricate all vulnerable parts of your tufting machine. This ensures your equipment remains free of friction and heat, significantly extending its lifespan and performance. Its unique formula provides thorough protection, allowing your tufting tools to operate efficiently and effectively.

Ideal for professional and hobbyist tufters alike, Eurol Oil helps keep your tufting guns and other equipment in pristine condition. With its non-staining and odorless properties, you can focus on creating beautiful rugs without any concerns about maintenance issues.

Features of Eurol® Oil 100 ml:

  • Superior lubrication without staining or odor
  • Acid-free paraffinic oil formula
  • Protects all vulnerable parts of tufting machines
  • Keeps equipment free of friction and heat
  • Extends lifespan and enhances performance of tufting tools
  • Ideal for both professional and hobbyist use

Keep your tufting equipment in top-notch condition with Eurol® Oil 100 ml, the better variant for lubricating your tufting tools!

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