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Rug trimmer guide

Introducing our enhanced Rug Trimmer Guide Holder, an essential tool for achieving a flawlessly even and smooth surface when trimming your rugs. With its transparent acrylic bottom plate, you can effortlessly monitor your design while working. Simply attach your preferred rug trimmer at your desired pile height, securely fasten it, and begin trimming!

  • Take full control over the length of the carving pile.
  • Effortlessly eliminate any impurities from the rug's surface.


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When using rug trimmer, maintaining a consistent angle can be challenging, particularly when working on intricate designs. This often results in uneven cuts and a less refined rug appearance. To address this issue, we have developed a guide holder specifically designed to securely hold our rug carver in place. By providing a wide, stable, and steady surface, this add-on facilitates easy and precise trimming.

Attaching the rug trimmer to the holder is a breeze, and once inserted, they are held securely in place throughout the trimming process.

In summary, we highly recommend this accessory to anyone seeking to enhance the accuracy and precision of their rug shearing. Its top-notch construction, user-friendly design, and affordable price point make it an essential tool for serious rug carvers and textile artists alike.

Here are two rugs - One rug was finished with Rug trimmer and its guide, and one wasn`t. We think, that the results speaks for themself!


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