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flat carpet trimmer

Introducing the new Portable Flat Shearing Machine for rugs - a game-changer for rug finishing. Flat rug shearing machine is for those tufters, that are taking tufting gun...

Code: 161
tufting gun AK V tufting kit

Discover the new Tufting Starter Kit with the advanced AK-V tufting gun, featuring 2-1 cut and loop functionality. To that you will also get rug trimmer with its guide. For free...

Code: 158
Tufting kit daniel

Our tufting starter kit is the perfect choice for those looking to step into the world of carpet tufting and embark on their own tufting journey without unnecessary hassles and...

Code: 75
AK V tufting gun

The latest in tufting technology, the AK-V Tufting Gun combines ergonomic design with cutting-edge features. With a comfortable grip, brushless motor, and advanced braking...

Code: 149
Tufting gun duo 2 1 cut and loop

The Tufting Gun-2 in 1 Cut and Loop (AK-1) is a versatile tool for creating high-quality carpets and rugs due to its DUO function. With its unique cutting and looping feature,...

Code: 46
tufting gun AK 2

The Tufting Gun - Loop pile (AK-2). Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this tufting gun is designed to create looped textures effortlessly.  This loop pile...

Code: 141
Rug shearing machine

Enhance your rug designing process with our sheep rug shearing machine and its guide. Its powerful motor effortlessly cuts through dense yarns, while adjustable blade height...

Code: 182
manual tufting tool

The Manual Tufting Tool is a versatile hand tool used for creating beautiful textured designs on fabric and other materials. Also known as a punch needle, this easy-to-use tool...

Code: 52
Mini projector

Mini projector - an ideal tool for tufting. It projects an image onto a canvas, allowing you to easily trace the outline of the projected item. Based on this outline, you...

Code: 123
rug trimmer (1)
€71,40 –20 %

The rug trimmer is a specialized tool designed to make cutting and trimming rugs easier and more precise. With its sharp cutting blades and ergonomic design, it is perfect for...

Code: 49
Electric scissors

We introduce you our new Tungsten steel electric scissors for cutting fabric, carpets or even a leather. Our electric scissors are rechargeable with built-in lithium battery.

Code: 87
grey polyester tufting canvas

Check out our Grey Polyester Tufting Cloth with size of 2x2 meters. Crafted from high-quality polyester, this durable fabric provides a solid base for your tufted rugs. With...

Code: 132
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