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Anti slip Backing for Tufted Rugs 1 - width 2,1 meter (cut roll)

Introducing our new product: Anti-Slip Backing Cloth! No latex or glue strikethrough, 100% polyester, provides rug strength and stability, enhances comfort, gives a sophisticated look, and offers excellent floor protection. Make your rugs slip-resistant with this top-quality addition!

  • (If you order 2 times - you will get 1 time 2x2 antislip cloth. Cut length normally at 2 m.)
  • Also if you wish for example a length of 4 m write this fact in the note in step 3 of the order "information about you"
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Category: Yarn and cloth
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Introducing our latest innovation to elevate your tufted rugs: The Anti-Slip Backing Cloth which functions as Premium Secondary Support!

Enhance the stability and durability of your tufted rugs with our Premium Secondary Support fabric. This backing is designed to optimize adhesive distribution, ensuring efficient finishing for your hand-tufted rugs. It provides pile-yarn stability and increases the overall structural strength of your tufted carpet, offering additional support and durability.

Crafted from high-quality 100% polyester, our fabric adds a touch of sophistication to your rugs, transforming them into professionally finished masterpieces.

The benefits don't stop there! Our Anti-Slip Backing Cloth is the ultimate solution to keep your tufted rugs in place. Say goodbye to slipping, bunching, trips, and falls caused by unruly rugs. Our Anti-Slip Backing provides a strengthened grip on the floor, ensuring your rug stays exactly where you want it. Suitable for rooms of any size, its 2,1-meter width fits perfectly on any size rug, offering a secure footing on hardwood, laminate, tile, or other hard surfaces.

High quality components of this innovative product are ensuring there is no strikethrough of these substances and delivering a cleaner and safer product. Combine our Anti-Slip Backing Cloth to turn your tufted rugs into strong, well-adhered, and highly durable creations.

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