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What oil should i use on tufting gun?

What Oil Should You Use on Your Tufting Gun?

When it comes to maintaining your tufting gun, proper lubrication is crucial for smooth operation and to prevent overheating. Here’s a straightforward guide on choosing and applying the right oil.

Best Oils for Your Tufting Gun:

  • Sewing Machine Oil: This is the top recommendation due to its light viscosity and ability to keep your machine running smoothly without leaving residue. One of the most premium sewing oils is our Eurol® Oil.
  • WD40: Cheap options that basically makes the work done, but sewing machine oil is better for regular maintenance because it’s specifically designed for mechanisms like those in tufting guns.

Both options are correct choices for oiling a tufting gun. Additional general properties that the oil should have include being colorless and odorless.

Why Lubricate Your Tufting Gun? Regular oiling reduces friction, protects against wear, and keeps the machine from overheating. It's particularly important for parts that experience constant movement and contact.

How Often to Lubricate: It's safe to oil your tufting gun before each use, especially if you use it frequently. This helps maintain optimal function and longevity. More information about lubrication intervals for your tufting gun here.

Where to Apply the Oil: Focus on the moving parts where friction occurs. For a detailed visual guide on exactly where to apply oil on your tufting gun, check out this maintenance guide.

Conclusion: Choosing the right oil and applying it regularly to the right spots can significantly enhance your tufting gun’s performance and durability. Stick with sewing machine oil for the best results, and make lubrication a regular part of your maintenance routine to keep your tufting projects running smoothly.

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