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Flat shearing machine for rugs

Introducing the new Portable Flat Shearing Machine for rugs - a game-changer for rug finishing. Flat rug shearing machine is for those tufters, that are taking tufting gun really seriously. It is designed for efficiency and precision. Machine ensures your rugs achieve a flawless finish, enhancing their appearance with the minimal time and effort!

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Our Portable Flat Shearing Machine for tufted rugs is a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline the rug shearing process. With its compact size and powerful motor, it offers unparalleled speed and efficiency. The adjustable blade depth feature ensures that you can tailor the shearing process to your specific needs, providing a smooth finish to your rugs.

Whether you need to trim a new tufted rug or restore an old one, this machine is equipped to handle it all. Its high-speed motor and precision blade (you can also adjust trim height) allow for quick and effective shearing, saving you precious time and effort.

The robust construction of the flat shearing machine ensures durability and reliability. Made from solid steel and aluminum, it is built to withstand the demands of regular use. Additionally, its user-friendly design and simple controls make it easy to operate, even for those new to rug shearing.

Portable and Flexible Design

The Flat carpet shearing machine is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for use in various settings without being confined to one area. Its flexibility allows for easy maneuvering and precise shearing.

User-Friendly Operation This shearing machine is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Its straightforward controls make it accessible for both beginners and professionals, ensuring a hassle-free shearing experience.

High Efficiency and Advanced Functionality Equipped with a high-speed motor operating at 15,000 rpm, this machine delivers rapid and efficient shearing. The adjustable depth feature allows you to customize the thickness of your rug, achieving the perfect finish every time.

Durable and Easy to Maintain Constructed from robust steel and aluminum, the CP-I shearing machine is built to last. Its exquisite structure not only ensures longevity but also makes it easy to repair and maintain, providing a worry-free experience.

Precision Shearing for Perfect Results The 3-inch rotary blade is designed for precision shearing, allowing you to remove uneven pile height and restore the pattern and color definition of your rugs. This results in a professional, high-quality finish.

How to Use the CP-I Shearing Machine

  1. Setup: Place the machine on a stable surface and plug it into a power source.
  2. Adjust the Blade: Set the desired depth for the shearing blade using the adjustable settings.
  3. Clean the bladeBefore first use keep in mind, that the blades are oiled, so wipe it well in order not to stain your work with oil!
  4. Start Shearing: Turn on the machine and guide it over the rug, allowing the blade to trim the pile to the desired thickness.
  5. Maintenance: After use, clean the machine and check for any necessary maintenance to ensure it remains in top working condition.


  • Total Weight: 5600g
  • Motor Speed: 15,000 rpm
  • Power Supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Input Power: 500W
  • Size of Base Plate: 230 x 280mm
  • Adapteur: Comes with EU adapteur


What is the power source for the Rug Shearing Machine?

  • The machine operates on an AC 220V power supply with a frequency of 50/60Hz.

Can I adjust the blade depth?

  • The machine features an adjustable depth setting, allowing you to customize the shearing thickness to your preference.

Is the Tufted rug Shearing Machine suitable for all rug types?

  • Yes, the machine is designed to handle various types of rugs, providing a smooth and uniform finish.

How do I maintain the CP-I Shearing Machine?

  • Regular cleaning and occasional maintenance checks will ensure the machine remains in optimal working condition. The machine's structure is designed for easy repairs and upkeep.
  • Detailed maintenance guide for our rug shearing machine visit our guide here.

Can the Flat Shearing Machine be used by beginners?

  • Absolutely. The machine's simple operation and user-friendly design make it accessible for both beginners and professionals.

What materials is Flat Carpet Shearing Machine made from?

  • The machine is constructed from solid steel and aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity.
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