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Rug tufting starter kit

Welcome to the turf of tufting with Tufty.eu, your one-stop arsenal for quality tufting gear. Prepare to unleash your inner carpet maestro with our no-nonsense Tufting Starter Kit, crafted to make your tufting venture straightforward and efficient. Whether you're green or battle-hardened, our kit packs the essentials for any carpet commando.

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Tufting Gun: Precision in Your Hands

Front and center in our Tufting Starter Kit is our no-frills tufting gun. Armed with "Cut" and "Loop" capabilities, this tool empowers you to carve out precise patterns that showcase your signature style. A must-have for any carpet warrior, our tufting gun ensures your projects pack a punch without unnecessary fluff.

Carpet Trimmer: Sharp Cuts, No Mercy

Bid farewell to jagged edges with our no-nonsense carpet trimmer. With razor-sharp blades and a design that means business, achieving flawless cuts is no longer a challenge. This tool is your ticket to polished results without the fuss.

Carpet Trimmer Guide: Up Your Precision Game

Backing up the carpet trimmer is our tactical guide, amplifying your ability to nail down razor-sharp precision. This accessory ensures that every cut is on point, leaving no room for errors. It's the secret weapon in your carpet-making arsenal.

Free Arsenal Add-ons

But that's not all – our Tufting Starter Kit comes with extra ammo:

  • Jute: A no-nonsense material for tufting, adding an authentic touch to your creations.
  • Monks Cloth: Ideal for crafting detailed tufted rugs, providing a sturdy foundation for your warfare in the tufting realm.
  • Threader Needle: Say goodbye to the yarn-threading struggle – this needle is your ally in the battle for tufting dominance.

What is the price of tufting kit?

Curious about the cost of unlocking your tufting prowess? The Tufting Starter Kit is priced at a competitive €273. This all-inclusive package is your ticket to an array of top-tier tufting tools and accessories, ensuring you have everything needed to dive headfirst into the captivating world of carpet making. With precision at your fingertips and quality materials in hand, the €273 investment opens the gateway to a fulfilling tufting journey. 

Your Warpath Starts Here

Our Tufting Starter Kit is your weapon of choice for storming the tufting battleground. From the tufting gun to the carpet trimmer and a suite of accessories, Tufty.eu equips you for carpet warfare. Initiate your offensive today and craft carpets that command attention with our battle-tested tools.

Explore the Armory at Tufty.eu

Tufty.eu isn't just a website; it's a war chest of quality products for carpet warlords. 

Navigate our arsenal, including:

  • Carpet Making Tools
  • Tufting Guns
  • Manual Tufting Tools
  • Yarn and Cloth

Seize control of the tufting domain with Tufty.eu, where quality meets ruthless efficiency. Our commitment to providing top-tier products ensures that your tufting conquests are not just victories but utter dominations. Conquer the world of tufting with Tufty.eu your ally in carpet warfare.

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