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Tufting fluff scraper / lint remover

Tired of the mess that comes with tufting cut-pile rugs? Our Tufting Fluff Remover is the solution you need. With its dual-edge design, this manual tool effortlessly removes excess fluff and lint, keeping your tufting surface neat and tidy. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a cleaner tufting experience. Tufting fluff remover is mainly for use together with rug trimmer, which makes big mess on the rug and excess fluff is almost every time hard to remove by hand.

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Brand: Tufty
Category: Tufting accessories
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Tired of the hassle that comes with tufting cut-pile rugs? Say goodbye to the mess and frustration with our innovative Fluff Remover! Crafting intricate designs just got a whole lot easier and cleaner with our Manual rug scraper!

Our Fluff Remover is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your tufting surface pristine. No more worrying about excess fluff and lint cluttering your masterpiece. This adorable yet highly functional tool is designed to streamline your tufting process, ensuring every detail of your design shines through without any unwanted distractions.

Our Fluff Remover is a manual and portable tool that anyone can use with ease. Simply glide the tool over your tufts, and watch as it effortlessly removes any excess fluff or lint, leaving your rug surface smooth and flawless.


So why let the mess stand in the way of your tufting passion? With our Tufting Fluff Remover by your side, you can tackle all the mess left by trimmer with confidence and ease. Say hello to a cleaner, more efficient rug tufting experience – because every masterpiece deserves to shine.

Get your hands on the manual rug scraper today and revolutionize the way you tuft!


PS: This tool is also used for removing lints from clothes and for removing hair from pets. Quite versatile!

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