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Tufting gun (ZQ-II) - cut and loop

The ZQ-II Tufting Gun is a versatile machine that supports both cut and loop pile methods, providing you with a comprehensive tool for creating high-quality rugs with varied textures and finishes.


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Weight: 2.8 kg
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ZQ-II Tufting Gun: Cut and Loop

The ZQ-II Tufting Machine is designed to offer both cut and loop pile capabilities, making it an all-in-one solution for your tufting projects. Cut pile involves the gun cutting the yarn as it is pushed through the cloth, resulting in a longer, more textured finish. On the other hand, loop pile carpets are not cut between stitches, giving them a more condensed and flat appearance. This gun combines both methods, ensuring you don't have to choose between cut and loop pile options.

High-Density Rugs

This machine’s stitching mechanism ensures constant and dense stitches, automatically delivering the premium look you aim for in your rugs.

Maximum Durability

Built for professional tufters who use the machine extensively, the ZQ-II is equipped with an extra durable motor to withstand prolonged usage.

Maximum Control

The fine needle of the ZQ-II allows for better control, making it easier to create curves and intricate designs. The latest model includes a built-in speed regulator for high and low-speed tufting.

Technical Specifications:

  • Loop Pile Height Range: 6-12mm
  • Cut Pile Height Range: 9-18mm
  • Voltage: 220-230V
  • Weight: 2.8kg

Please note, this machine is heavier compared to other tufting guns, emphasizing its robustness.


Maintenance of tufting guns is straightforward: keep the machine clean by regularly dusting it. All moving parts need to be lubricated at all times. Detailed maintenance instructions can be found in the manual or in our tufting documentation section.

Package Includes:

  • 1x ZQ-II Tufting Gun (cut and loop pile)
  • 1x English manual (skills and daily maintenance)
  • Spare set of tools
  • Yarn threader for tufting guns

Versatile and Intuitive Design

The ZQ-II model is highly adaptable, allowing you to adjust the cutting height of the thread to achieve the desired tuft length. It is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to thread and handle. Despite its heavier weight, the ergonomic design ensures comfortable use.


Whether you're a professional tufter or a hobbyist, the ZQ-II Tufting Gun offers the flexibility and precision needed to create stunning rugs with both cut and loop pile textures. Its robust build, high-density stitching, and advanced control features make it an indispensable tool for any tufting enthusiast. If you are however looking for your first tufting gun, AK-I with cut and loop function will definitely be more suitable choice for you.


What is the difference between cut pile and loop pile?

Cut pile involves cutting the yarn as it is pushed through the cloth, creating a textured, longer finish. Loop pile leaves the yarn uncut, resulting in a more condensed and flat appearance. 

How do I maintain my ZQ-II tufting gun?

Regularly dust your machine and ensure all moving parts are lubricated. Follow the detailed maintenance instructions provided in the manual.

Is the ZQ-II suitable for professional use?

Absolutely. The ZQ-II is designed for continuous use with an extra durable motor, making it perfect for professional tufters.

What voltage does the ZQ-II operate on?

The ZQ-II operates on 220-230V and operates on classic Europe adapteur.

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