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Carpet grippers 5 pcs x 30 cm

Enhance your tufting experience with our Nailed Carpet Grippers for Tufting Frames. Sold in sets of 5 pieces, each measuring 30cm (1,5 m total per piece), these grippers are essential for securing your tufting cloth in place. Easy to install, they provide a sturdy foundation, ensuring consistent tufting without tearing your material. These grippers work flawlessly with our Jute Burlap or Monks cloth.

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Introducing our Nailed Carpet Grippers for Tufting Frames, the indispensable tool for achieving precision and consistency in your tufting projects. Sold in sets of 5 pieces, each measuring 30cm, these grippers are designed to be securely attached to your tufting frame, offering a reliable solution for stretching your cloth.

Crafted with wooden strips containing strategically placed tiny nails, these grippers can be easily nailed, stapled, or glued (using a strong wood glue) onto your tufting frame. The nails puncture through the cloth, holding it in place without causing damage. This unique feature allows you to re-stretch the cloth during the tufting process, maintaining a tightly stretched working area for optimal tufting results.

In the world of tufting, having high-quality, easy-to-stretch cloth is essential for smooth interaction with our carpet grippers. Traditionally used to secure carpets, these grippers are now a rare find in regular shops. We pride ourselves on offering this exceptional product, delivering a total of 1.5 meters (5x30cm) per ordered unit. Width of the carpet gripper is 2,1 cm. Despite being cut into smaller pieces for shipping purposes, their functionality remains unaffected, allowing you to seamlessly place them next to each other on your frame.

Our nailed carpet grippers are not just small strips; they are a crucial accessory for any tufting enthusiast. Equipped with protruding nails, these grippers ensure the secure placement of your fabric or carpet during the tufting process. Without them, you risk material shifting, leading to inaccuracies in your tufted design.

Easy to install, these grippers can be attached to your frame with two screws or nails on each end (screws or nails not included). Their strength and durability make them suitable for a wide range of tufting projects, from small cushions to large rugs. Elevate your tufting game with the best-in-class nailed carpet grippers from our collection.

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