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Yarn winder

Upgrade your tufting setup with our Yarn Winder - the essential tool for every serious tufter. This tool is designed to spin new balls of yarn! Whether you're working with thin yarn threads or combining more yarns, it's perfect for the job! Simply create a new, combined, or multi-thread ball of yarn with ease.

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Revamp your tufting setup with our Yarn Ball Winder. With the capability to wind up to 100 grams of yarn swiftly, this tool effortlessly transforms loose rug yarn into tidy balls, ensuring an uninterrupted flow for your tufting projects.

Crafted with efficiency in mind, its compact design (12 cm wide, 10.5 cm high) makes it a perfect fit for any crafting space, maximizing utility without taking up excess room.

Experience a seamless tufting process as our winder guarantees a smooth yarn flow, keeping your yarn tangle-free and neatly organized throughout your projects.


Key Features:

  • Capable of winding up to 100 grams of yarn.
  • Perfectly sized for easy storage and use in any crafting area.
  • Ensures a seamless tufting experience.
  • Built to last, ensuring reliability for years to come thanks to simple desing.
  • Suitable for crafters of all skill levels, making yarn preparation a breeze.

How to use our yarn winder?

  1. Begin by inserting the spindle into the geared base, ensuring alignment of the notches. Hold the geared base securely while turning the spindle clockwise to lock it in place.
  2. Secure the ball winder to a table or other support using the built-in clamp, which can accommodate thicknesses up to 3.8 cm. Adjust the clamp by rotating the red knob.
  3. Adjust the yarn guide so that the loop end faces upward, extending it as far as possible.
  4. Prepare the yarn to be wound by supporting it on a swift for uniform transfer. Thread the end of the yarn through the yarn guide and secure it in the notch on top of the spindle. Easily guide the yarn through the loop by wrapping it clockwise around the end coil.
  5. Turn the handle clockwise to begin forming the yarn into a ball. Once complete, remove the finished ball from the winder by pulling it off from the underside. Yarn from the ball can be withdrawn either from the center core or from the outer edge for use.


From seasoned rug makers to beginners diving into tufting, our Yarn Ball Winder is a must-have tool for streamlining your crafting journey. Elevate your tufting preparations today by ordering our Yarn Ball Winder and enjoy the convenience of effortlessly creating perfect yarn balls for your projects!

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