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Rug shearing machine + guide

Enhance your rug designing process with our sheep rug shearing machine and its guide. Its powerful motor effortlessly cuts through dense yarns, while adjustable blade height offer versatile performance. Experience comfort with the ergonomic handlebar for extended use and precise shearing with our clear acrylic platform and adjustable brackets. Order now for efficient and comfortable rug shearing! Contact us if you wish to purchase the machine or guide separately.

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Brand: Tufty
Category: Rug finishing
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Revolutionize Your Rug Making with Our Sheep Rug Shearing Machine + its Guide

Powerful and Precise

Impressive Cutting Power: With its strong 220V motor, this machine can smoothly shear through the thickest and most dense yarns, ensuring a perfect finish on every tufted rug.

Customizable Settings: Tailored to your shearing needs, the adjustable blade height grant you the versatility to work with an array of yarn types.

Designed for Comfort

Ergonomic Handlebar: The thoughtfully designed handlebar minimizes hand and wrist fatigue, enabling you to work comfortably for longer periods.

Professional Finishes: This machine is crafted to provide a smooth, even surface on your tufted rugs, achieving that polished, professional-grade look with ease.

Enhanced Control and Visibility

Superior Control: Adjustable brackets firmly secure your shears, providing unmatched control and preventing mishaps during shearing.

Transparent Acrylic Platform: The clear platform offers full visibility, enabling you to monitor the shearing process and instantly correct any unevenness.

Customizable Shearing Experience

Variable Shearing Depth: With the included acrylic riser, adjust the shearing depth to match your preferred pile height, tailoring each project to your specifications.


Product Features:

  • Voltage: 220V for powerful shearing capacity
  • Adjustable Blades: Made for various yarn types and pile heights
  • Ergonomic Design: Built for ease of use and prolonged comfort
  • Material: Durable Acrylic (guide) plastics with steel (machine)
  • Features: Adjustable Brackets, Clear Platform, Acrylic Riser for Depth Adjustment


Professional and Hobbyist Essential

This shearing machine is a must-have tufting tool for professional rug makers looking for efficiency, precision, and comfort. It is engineered to streamline the rug making process, leaving you with impeccably finished products that stand out in quality and craftsmanship. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, our Rug Shearing Machine Guide is the key to elevating your creations.


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