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Tufting gun - loop (AK-2)

The Tufting Gun - Loop pile (AK-2). Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this tufting gun is designed to create looped textures effortlessly.  This loop pile tufting gun is well known for its simplicity and high reliability.

  • If you are looking for your first tufting gun, we would suggest you the the tufting gun AK-1 due to the fact, that it is easier to use.
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Tufting Gun - Loop pile (AK-2)

Check out our latest addition: the Tufting Gun - Loop. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this tufting gun is designed to create looped textures effortlessly

The AK-2 Loop Pile Tufting Gun is an innovative tool that stands out in the world of textile crafting. Specifically designed for loop pile tufting, it offers a unique looped texture favored for its tactile feel and appearance. This tufting gun introduces a new range of textures into your products, creating dense, cushiony surfaces that appeal to a wide customer base.

Loop Pile Tufting

Take your rugs to a whole new realm of style and comfort using the AK-2 Loop Pile Tufting Gun. While traditional cut pile rugs offer a plush texture, loop pile carpets maintain their uncut loops, resulting in a sleeker, more compact appearance. These distinct loops impart a visual depth to your designs, infusing them with an unmistakably unique and alluring aesthetic.

Precision and consistency are guaranteed with the AK-2, ensuring uniform height and density of loops for professional-quality results. Its efficient design increases tufting productivity, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced tufters. Built with high-quality materials, it's durable and reliable for frequent use.

The AK-2 Loop Pile Tufting Gun is versatile, allowing for experimentation with different yarn types and colors to create unique designs. Perfect for a variety of projects, from rugs and carpets to wall hangings and fashion items, it's an invaluable asset in any tufting shop.

In summary, the AK-2 Loop Pile Tufting Gun is a must-have for expanding creative horizons and improving efficiency in tufting projects. Invest in this versatile, user-friendly, and reliable tool to elevate your tufting creations to new heights.

Ready to Use

The Loop Pile Tufting Gun (AK-2) arrives fully assembled and primed for immediate use, enabling you to immerse yourself in your tufting projects without delay. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this machine is engineered for effortless operation and rapid mastery. It's the ultimate choice for anyone dedicated to the art of loop pile tufting.


Maintaining your Loop Pile Tufting Gun (AK-2) in optimal condition is a breeze. Simply ensure regular dusting and cleaning of the machine to uphold peak performance. Remember to lubricate it before each tufting session to significantly extend its lifespan!

All parts of our AK-II are replaceable, promising longevity with proper care.


Note: Tufting guns are industrial-grade tools with sharp components. Handle them with utmost care and adhere to safety protocols for responsible usage.



  • High quality aluminum construction 
  • Adjustable speed from 5 - 40 stitches per second 
  • Universal voltage 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 HZ 
  • EU plug. (if needed US or BR please tell us this fact in the order description)
  • Voltage:AC 110V-240V
  •  Power: 100W
  • Color: blue
  • Manufacturer: USA

Package included:

  • Electric Tufting Gun Loop pile AK-2
  • Power Adapter (EU plug)
  • Set Of Tools
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