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Tufting starter kit (AK-V)

Discover the new Tufting Starter Kit with the advanced AK-V tufting gun, featuring 2-1 cut and loop functionality. To that you will also get rug trimmer with its guide. For free you will get tufting cloth together with jute cloth, yarn threader and WD-40 in this starting kit. Everything you need to start your tufting journey.

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Beginner Tufting Kit (AK-V) Contents

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Tufting Gun AK-V

The AK-V tufting gun is a game-changer for your tufting endeavors. Featuring both "Cut" and "Loop" functions, it empowers you to craft intricate designs with ease. One of the standout features of the AK-V is its extremely quiet operation, a significant improvement over regular models. Additionally, the ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended use, and the built-in display shows the RPMs of the tufting gun, allowing for precise control. Moreover, the AK-V is equipped with a light beside the needle, making it perfect for working in dim environments. For detailed maintenance tips, click over here.

Carpet Trimmer

Achieve flawless finishes with our ergonomic carpet trimmer. Designed for precision, it allows you to trim carpet surfaces effortlessly, enhancing the fine details of your work with its sharp, durable blades.

Carpet Trimmer Guide

Paired with the carpet trimmer, this guide attachment provides added control and accuracy, helping you shape and adjust your carpets with professional-level precision.


You'll Also Receive for Free

WD-40 (100 ml)

Our new kit includes a 100 ml bottle of WD-40, essential for keeping your tufting gun in peak condition. This lubricant prevents rust and minimizes friction, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.


Included in the package are 2 square meters of jute, a robust and traditional material perfect for tufting projects. It provides a sturdy base for your designs.

Monk's Cloth

The kit also contains 2 square meters of monk's cloth, ideal for creating detailed and refined tufted rugs, thanks to its tight weave and high durability.

Threader Needle

The threader needle simplifies the process of threading yarn through the tufting gun, eliminating common frustrations and speeding up your workflow.


Our tufting starter kit (AK-V) is fully equipped with everything you need to start your tufting adventure. From the advanced tufting gun to essential accessories like the carpet trimmer and materials, this kit has it all. Begin creating stunning, custom carpets and rugs today with our comprehensive kit.


Check out also our step by step tufting video with the new AK-V tufting gun!


What is included in the Tufting Starter Kit (AK-V)?

The Tufting Starter Kit (AK-V) includes everything you need to get started: the Tufting Gun AK-V, WD-40 (100 ml), a carpet trimmer, a carpet trimmer guide, 2 square meters of jute, 2 square meters of monk's cloth, and a threader needle.

What makes the AK-V tufting gun different from the AK-I?

The AK-V tufting gun is a step above the AK-I, boasting a 2-1 cut and loop function for versatile carpet styles. It operates extremely quietly, features an ergonomic design, has a display showing RPMs, and includes a light beside the needle for working in dim environments. For more details check AK-V product description here.

Is this kit suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Tufting Starter Kit (AK-V) is perfect for both novices and seasoned tufters, offering all the essential tools to help you begin and thrive in your tufting projects.

How do I maintain the tufting gun included in the kit?

To keep your tufting gun in top shape, regularly apply the included WD-40 to lubricate it, preventing rust and ensuring smooth operation. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided in the product manual.

Can I purchase additional materials for my tufting projects?

Yes, you can easily buy additional materials and accessories separately. Visit our website to explore more options.

Where can I find delivery information for my country?

You can find detailed delivery information on our website. Just visit the delivery section to see shipping details for your country.

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